Pebbly Hill Stud

A little about Pebbly hill stud, our process, FACILITIES and the EXPERIENCE we offer.

About Pebbly Hill Stud

Pebbly Hill Stud is a dressage breeding program situated within 100 acres of prime grassland in the heart of the Cotswolds, UK.  Managed by Jackie Siu, herself an international Grand Prix competitor, the stud draws on a depth of first-hand knowledge, passion, and ambition within the equine breeding industry and top level dressage sport.

Each year we breed a select number of foals aimed specifically for the Olympic discipline of dressage.  We strive to achieve the best combination of proven genetics in our breeding stock, and offer the optimum conditions for these offspring to develop.  With an expert team behind us we are able to utilise the benefits of embryo transfer.  This process enables us to offer offspring from proven competition mares who currently may be enjoying successful careers themselves. 

From the moment of conception, to birth and beyond, meticulous attention to detail is taken by ourselves to treat each horse as an individual and provide the optimum conditions for them to have the best chance in life.  Our philosophy is to rear the youngsters in a manner that promotes future viability for top level sport, by ensuring that nutritional, clinical and developmental demands are met to the highest standard in a stable, secure and happy environment. 

Foundations for Success

The facilities at Pebbly Hill Stud offer an ideal surrounding for the successful breeding and rearing of quality sport horses.  The stud consists of plentiful acreage to allow the horses to benefit from all year round turn out, which is scientifically proven to enhance the musculoskeletal development of growing horses.  

Staying true to nature at this critical period is of fundamental importance to our values.  The importance of the balanced and stimulating mental development of an equine athlete is certainly of utmost priority.  In addition, Pebbly Hill Stud boasts excellent training facilities for the ongoing progression of the horses as they enter and engage in the world of dressage sport. 

Our experienced team provide dedicated care and attention to ensure that from day one the horses enjoy a positive and meaningful relationship with people, so that from these strong foundations they can go on to build rewarding bonds with their future partners in sport.

Fine Selection for Sale

Pebbly Hill Stud are proud to offer our quality foals and youngstock for sale.  The combination of our carefully selected mares combined with the best stallions in the world provide us with an interesting range of bloodlines and type sought out by discerning riders and trainers from around the world.  For more information on any of our horses, or to discuss your individual search requirements please contact us.